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Remote Gift: the importance of being present

This period has affected everyone a bit, Christmas has just passed but the new year has just begun: full of new intentions.

Gifts from are nothing more than a moment to remind people how much you love them and even if we must be distant, contacting your gift planner means meeting all those people who cannot hug each other as they would like.
The solution is to contact me and be present even if far away.
Have a special gift delivered directly to the home of the person you love, your gift planner will take care of everything together with you!

Think of the amazement on the face of those you love when they open the gift and think of you smiling, looking forward to finally thank you live!

How to do? It is very simple, contact me and together we will create your surprise that will arrive directly at the address of whoever you want with a card and personalized the gift wrapping.

… In the end, there is no need for Covid or the excuse of a holiday to surprise whoever you want even from a distance. Every day of the year I’m here for you! Your gift will be different from those usually chosen, we promise!

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