Who I am – Ilaria Apolloni

Who I am

I would introduce myself! My name is Ilaria Apolloni, PR, Press Officer and Events Manager with a passion for giving gifts! My biggest satisfaction? The smile of those receiving an unexpected gift!
I turned this passion into a real profession and became the first gift planner in Italy.

Who is a gift planner?

The time you need, the idea that you have not yet had, the means to achieve something special to amaze anyone you want. In other words, another way to show your love, your interest, your affection.

Don’t forget that the most beautiful gifts are the unexpected ones!

You can choose an object, an experience, an handmade product, or a particular “athmospher and event”. I also customize the delivery methods upon request.

An example? Have you ever thought about the emotion of a child seeing its famous hero that delivers the gift so dreamed of ?? Or the laughter you could do when you see the scene? All this and much more is achievable in a short time and, if you wish, I can literally disappear from the gift and make it appear as entirely made by you. Just ask me for the “100% yours” service and the gift’s recipient will never know of my existence.

We will decide together how to personalize the gift you have in mind and I will share with you the different steps … just like you did!

Everything is thought to give value to the gift and to the surprises and, most importantly, to amaze your special people every day with a little sign of love.

Your gift will be different from the usual, I promised!

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