How did the idea come about? – Ilaria Apolloni

How did the idea come about?

The idea, and I only say the idea, was born in 2013.

Always a lover of gifts, packaging and surprises, I bought the domain without ever building the image, developing the idea. Too young and with little experience, looking back I probably wouldn’t been able to take care of every detail on my own as I hope to do now! From the beginning I have always believed in this innovative and, above all, fun profession. I was always supported by the encouraging opinion of my family and my best friends, where believed in me from the first day. Thanks, always!

Only two years ago I said to myself: ” I MUST TRY” especially since in the meantime nobody had really thought about this profession. I can affirm, without pretensions, that I am the 1st Italian Gift Planner.

Every day I talk to people about this job, someone love it, others are still skeptical. But I hope that this figure will increasingly become a point of reference for both private individuals and companies.

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