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Gift ideas for stag and hen parties

And who says that for a bachelorette or celibacy you only need the presence of the fun mates? Why do you not remember that moment with a gift for the future spouses and her friends?

An object, a customized kit and an experience to evoke.

For example, I personalize the fun boxes with everything you need to take with you on the day of the event, objects that will remain etched in your mind like indelible memories …

Any examples?

A couple asked me to arrange a surprise for their witnesses.

Fun photo shoot directly at the house of the newlyweds.

He marries her in a white dressing gown with the witnesses of men in pink robes and all the feminine accessories used for body care: cucumber masks and turbans on their heads. The groom always in white with the women witnesses in black bow tie and cigar.

What a fun and memories of printed photos! Super-bridal spouses for the big day with old friends!

And more … for the future bride’s best friends some accessories to wear throughout the weekend: personalized straw hats put inside a box and sent to the future bride’s office together with a special ticket. The result? Emotion, desire to leave and fun guaranteed with your best friends!

And what about companies?

June 2019: Paola Turani’s bachelorette party in Marrakech … I created gift boxes for the guests at the Atelier Emè. Here you go, the collaboration and the usefulness of having a Gift Planner for your company.

I’m waiting for you!

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